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How Turnkey reduced to half their load time with Piio.


About the Company

TurnKey Vacation Rentals is a platform that has the mission to offer a reloaded rental Luxury Vacation Experience. Founded in 2013, TurnKey pioneered a new model for scaling vacation rental hospitality in top destinations across the U.S.

Winner of the Travel Weekly Magellan Award for Vacation Rental Hospitality, they have connected more than 1 million guests to experience Premium vacation rental.

How Turnkey reduced half of the time, at the loading times with Piio

The Challenge: page load time reduction

The TurnKey experience starts on their website by selecting the best houses for the perfect vacations. They care about the entire process, from the moment the user visits their website, the booking process, how things are going on his holidays, and everything related to the adventure of going on vacations.

They believe in delivering a great experience to their users, having fast and high-quality images. A team of expert photographers is responsible for the photos. But there is a fundamental problem with professional photography and is that the pictures are usually weighty and can slow down any website.

Turnkey's philosophy manages a high brand quality standard. These high standards level makes that they needed a technology that understands how the users interact with their website to serve the images with the correct size, format, and quick.

Our goal was giving each customer a fully optimized image every time, depending on the device and browser they were using and serving a very customized service. Managing different image sizes, formats, and weight was one of the significant challenges we faced together.

The Results

Websites have different goals and KPIs, but load-time is usually one of the most important ones. It is no different for TurnKey as their website is the gateway to their service.

Load time reduction

After integrating Piio and going through different recommendations of our Engineering team, they went from an initial page load of 14 seconds to 6.5 seconds on average.

Turnkey - Load time report

The load time reduction is not only due to the ability to compress the images but also regarding Piio's lazy loading feature.

Bandwidth savings

With more than 5 million images served per week, they also generated considerable savings in bandwidth for them but also their users.

Without Piio, they would have transferred 7.5 TB in one week, but after the implementation, they reduced the data transfer to only 440 GB. Generating 94% of savings on bandwidth — the best of both worlds: high-quality images with shallow bandwidth consumption.

Load time reduction -

One of the most significant advantages for the Company was that the developers, the designers, and the photographers needn't worry about making a hundred versions of images, designed specifically for each device (size and format) view. They saved a lot of time!

The Solution

Piio allows Turnkey's team to show the professionalism and work behind each Premium House. Piio's technology helps TurnKey to reflect all the energy they put on having images to impress the user. Having the right filters and algorithms that show and maintain the look and feel of the brand. Here are some vital elements of Piio:

  • Easy to integrate, check our documentation ;)

  • Piio doesn't alter the image upload process.

  • Upload large and massive images at once. Piio will do the rest.

  • Don't need maintenance

Once Piio is running, the process of uploading new material, it's the same. Nothing change. The only thing that changes is that now Turnkey has a faster website, with high-quality images.

Try the Image Speed Test and analyze and discover new performance opporunities to improve your website just with one click. You can read this guide and see how to read the Image Speed Test report.

Thanks for trusting!

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