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Project Social T: When user experience is the most important


About Project Social T

It isn't just a woman apparel brand. Project Social T has the mission to design better fashion and make an impact on the world. The brand was founded in Los Angeles, California in 2011, and they design and produce in Los Angeles as well, with the purpose of giving attention to fabric quality and simplicity.

The Challenge

Images on average (on common websites) can take up to 50% of the total bandwidth for each pageview. But, think on a website such as Behance or, Pinterest that the main content are photos, and heavy files, images can take up over 80 or 90% of the total bandwidth. If the image content is not properly optimized, the users will run away and we take the risk to damage the user experience.

As many eCommerce do, Project Social T has many images on their website. They care a lot about their brand and the quality of their look and feel. They invest in photography, designers, and content creators. Losing quality on their images is not an option.


Before Project Social T implement Piio, they have an average performance score from 65%.

Investing on image optimization and improving the user experience will reduce other operational costs, such as data transferred and web services costs.

And of course, improving the user experience will translate into conversions and less bounce rate.

Image compression results


Compressing images is not only reducing the size. It’s compressing and avoids losing quality, choosing the correct image format and reducing the time that takes to load. All those metrics are super important when we measure the effectiveness of Piio on a website.


The Solution

We aim to tie compassion to consumerism with ‘Our Projects’ program that donates a percentage of every purchase to a variety of different charities nationwide. Project Social T’s fervor is driving its team to creative highs - never static, never satisfied, always pushing it’s progressive self to design better fashion and a better world.


Each second counts, and Project Social T know it and they want every day a better user experience for their clients. That’s what we call, a brand with values!