Home Hardware is the largest e-commerce home-improvement retailer in Canada, with over 100,000 different items available. Their main goal is to improve the digital experience, driving users to their platform and optimizing and automating the image-delivery process. That’s why they put a big emphasis on the entire workflow; from generating the content, saving it, and publishing on time. And of course having a wide variety of products, but without losing quality.

They have trusted and relied on Piio to deliver faster and perfectly optimized images at high-quality.

Image Optimization Process- Home Hardware


Offering a wide variety of products increases the challenge of reducing load times on the website and delivering a consistent user experience.

Automating the Image Optimization Process

Home Hardware has millions of users. Their team invests a lot of time, converting and adapting images to offer a better costumer user experience depending on each device and browser. For each product, they have an average of four images. Taking into account image formats and sizes, if they want to optimize the experience, they would need to upload twenty different images and optimize them one by one for each product.

The process would have taken a lot of time, with 100,000 items and maintaining updates for new products. The first challenge was to automate the image optimization process for multiple devices and browsers.

Page Load Times

Another challenge was to improve page load times and deliver a faster experience. A short page load time is essential for higher engagement; achieving this means all images must be perfectly optimized, in the correct size for the device, and in the right format compatible with every browser.

Home Hardware is using a third-party platform to manage its e-commerce. Third-party platforms can be an issue for some technologies since they need to access and modify the storage and the original files.

Third-party platforms are not an issue for Piio, as it integrates into any platform and technology. Piio can copy images from the original files then cache those files to modify them, optimize them, and deliver them to the end-user.

Piio’s advanced technology allows for more natural and less-intrusive integration. It maintains the original files for further optimizations down the road, and it can use the original files as failover in case of unexpected failure.


Image Optimization Process & Custom File Sizes for each Visitor

Piio focuses on understanding each user that visits a website to deliver the best experience possible. To accomplish this, Piio chooses the best format and size, for the user’s device, browser, network connection, and location. This saved the Home Hardware team a lot of energy and time; instead of investing it in adapting each image for each browser and device, they relied on Piio to solve the problem for them.

The upload process was not significantly different, because Piio copies all files and manages the duplicates, leaving the original file untouched. That’s what makes the upload process frictionless, allowing the team to save time and money and removing unnecessary manual processes and tools.

X2 Faster Website Speed

Page weight was cut in half after Piio implementation. Page load time was half as long, decreasing the bounce rate and improving user engagement. These improvements are seen immediately after implementation.

Before and After Piio Integration data

Data Transferred Reduced by 62%

With +60 million images delivered in a week, Home Hardware saved 62% of the data transferred with Piio. The Home Hardware team can use the client Dashboard to track their performance and understand if there are any issues with their images.

Savings on Data Transferred
**The data report is taken from a random week.**

The real transfer for the data point we are showing, thanks to Piio, was 416 GB instead of 1690 GB, because Piio optimizes, resized and compresses each image, adapting to each browser and device, and saving one by one. When the user requests an image, Piio will show it faster and at high-quality because it has already been resized and compressed.

Home Hardware saved data transfers and saved avoiding complex API integrations for each image, size, and dimension.

Conclusion: Improved Digital Experience

Piio allows Home Hardware to showcase all their products through a consistent, scalable, and optimized experience. The Piio technology helps Home Hardware reflect all the energy they put into their products by delivering high-quality images and a faster website to offer an unforgettable experience.

Piio doesn’t require complex maintenance or updates; it’s self-hosted and it’s a Software as a Service. Most of the updates don’t need their technology team yo step in.

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Thanks for trusting us and making it possible to serve images at high-quality and continue reading more Piio Case Studies.